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Hot Air Ballooning

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Sight For 'Soar' Eyes


This is most notably old magical form of the flight.  Guided by wind with direction and speed it is a sensational tour.  On average 500 – 2000 ft flight is an adventure. It is also the most nature friendly flight. 

One the height you get the excitement of the panoramic view of the beautiful villages of Sri Lanka. It is a great opportunity has the best view thought your lens.  To make the most use your camera. 

A sunrise hot-air balloon flight is a complete morning travel experience starting with your arrival at our meeting point (Kandalama Hotel) in the heart of the Cultural Triangle shortly before sunrise.

Ballooning Itinerary
  • 05.45 - 06.00 am  
  • 06.15 – 06.30 am  

Meeting point Heritance Kandalama grounds or Hotel reception.
You board the balloon and the Chief Pilot will brief you on safety.
You can enjoy one hour flight.


  •  Dress casually and comfortably for the weather, it is a little warmer while the sun is out.
  •  We recommend closed toe shoes to opened toe or high heeled shoes as we want to protect your feet just as much as the rest of you.
  • A hat or cap for protection.
  • If you wish you may carry a pack of sweets to throw to kids when flying over their villages or hand over to them at the landing site when they come to welcome you as an adventurer to their homeland.
  • Your vehicle can by all means follow you with the chase crew.
  • You are advised to allocate a maximum of 3 1/2 hours for your balloon excursion.
  • Kids below 7 years and pregnant women will not be allowed in the balloon. However, please talk to us about flying your kid.
  • If a flight is cancelled due to bad weather we do not charge and payment is refunded in full case of advance payment.


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