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Relax Holidays phone  Maldives Icon +96 09967102

Relax Holidays phone  Sri Lanka Icon +94 714478638

What Make Us Unique?

The Team Relax Holidays and Their Passion 

We bring wealth of experience and expertise. Which translates into success When recommending what is best for our clients. Therefore when we deliver we always exceed expectations. We know our service inside out and better than anyone else 

We are an hands on organization from very top to bottom. Our clients have easy access to our top level management. At most the Directors visit the airport to meet and greet the valuable clients. You are taken care by us and its your pleasure that we value and we work very hard for it.

What We Promise?

  • Quick response to your queries
  • Follow through your Questions
  • Well Planned Itineraries
  • Last Minute Team 
  • Personal Guarantee of Security
  • Always Best Price 
  • We never promise what we cant deliver